Exmoor National Park

Wizadry at The Old Rectory – pure Harry Potter!

Delighted to read this wonderfull review this morning!

To visit The Old Rectory, head into Martinhoe past the common and swing confidently onto the B9¾. Things are not like usual here. There’s wizardry at work, particularly in the kitchen.

People (including me) keep asking Huw to do a cookery school week but it would mean losing holiday time so he’s not keen. These guys work hard and need their time off. Also I think his skill is due to a mix of instinct, an extraordinary palate and a lifetime of experience and not something that could be picked up in a short course.

All the rooms are different and special, particularly the garden facing ones, but the new Watersmeet in the old cottage, which looks the other way over the old church, is my current favourite. It’s spacious, very private, and has a power shower with a boost that would take the scalp off a rhino even though all the hotel’s water comes from a natural spring. The plumber must be a wizard too. For those who disapprove of wasting water there is also a double ended bath.

There are no children under 14 here because of the poisonous plants in the garden. I suspect a collaboration with Professor Sprout*. I advise bringing a really good book along then you’ll have an excuse to spend at least one afternoon dozing in a quiet corner of the fabulous garden on a reclining chair being served tea and cake.

Otherwise you’ll feel compelled to wear yourself out doing interesting stuff every day. This part of Devon really is an inexhaustible pleasure.
(*Hogwarts herbologist)