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Environmental Policy

We are very lucky to be custodians of a beautiful ancient building, parts of which date back to mediaeval times, in an exceptionally beautiful location. Our custodianship is brief and we strongly believe it our duty to set the property on the right track to preserve it for the future.

We are all encouraged to do our bit for the planet. You do it at home and so it makes perfect sense to stay at a green hotel when you go away. At The Old Rectory, we strive to maintain the highest standards of excellence whilst empowering staff and guests alike to facilitate their full contribution to the environment in which we live.

We take environmental considerations into account in all our activities. Although ultimate responsibility rests with management, every member of our Team as well as our guests have a part to play in minimising adverse effects on the environment. Mindful of this, The Old Rectory promotes the best use of environmental practices and we will monitor the progress and review environmental performance.

At The Old Rectory we:

  • Encourage staff and guest involvement in environmental issues through practices as well as appropriate information, training and our Responsible Guest Charter. We have a Green Champion and we continually review our practices and empower our team in green’ thinking to ‘eliminate, reduce, reuse, recycle’.
  • Promote energy conservation by efficient use, careful planning and design with due regard to improved energy utilisation and appropriate investment in energy efficient measures:
  • Support and work with our local community. We only employ local staff and we have operated a Visitor Payback Scheme in partnership with The National Trust.
  • Minimise waste and ensure that there is effective control, which promotes recycling where possible and provides responsible disposal, particularly with regard to hazardous wastes:
  • Promote environmentally responsible, ethical and fair trade policies in our purchasing of food and other products
  • Strive to eliminate the release of pollutants, to be achieved by application of discharge controls, and also by initial assessment and continuing evaluation of the appropriateness of and need for any activity which could have an impact on the environment.
  • Adopt an environmentally sound transport strategy.
  • Adopt policies which take into account the visual impact of hotel activities.
  • Take into consideration the likely environmental effect of hotel activities and developments on the local community.
  • Expect similar environmental standards from all parties with whom the hotel deals

Our Actions

Reduce, re-use and recycle

  • Dual flush toilets to save water
  • Installation of low energy light bulbs
  • Walk in showers to encourage guests to use the shower instead of the bath resulting in water saving
  • Minimal chemical use in housekeeping and grounds
  • Dedicated recycling unit
  • Vegetable waste is composted
  • All food waste is sent to feed the sheepdogs on a neighbouring farm
  • Rainwater harvesting for use in the Kitchen Garden
  • Re-use of furniture fittings and uniforms after our refurbishments by donating to local charities and businesses
  • Recycling of obsolete IT equipment through local charities, in accordance with WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment directive)
  • Addition of retro fitted floor insulation, thermal insulation, acoustic insulation, whenever possible

Everyday actions

  • Have a dedicated environmental champion driving forward new initiatives
  • On going environmental and awareness training
  • Replace bed linen every third day unless on request
  • Provide newspapers on request to avoid wastage and recycle any spares
  • Weekly monitoring of utilities consumption to aid reducing consumption levels
  • Bulk purchase of concentrate chemicals
  • Refillable chemical containers
  • Compact waste so less collections required
  • Use bio-degradable refuse sacks
  • Re-use towels on guest request
  • Re-usable cotton bags for promotional material
  • Encourage cycle to work and have provided cycle rack facilities
  • Encourage local transport and provide information on their facilities
  • Provide environmental awareness and training as part of the induction programme
  • Purchase recycled paper and other goods
  • Recycling of paper, plastic, card board, glass, polythene wrappers, tin cans, plastic cups, mobile phones, waste cooking oil, toner cartridges, batteries and fluorescent tubes

Local support

  • Provide information on walks, wildlife and local tourism services for our guests
  • Employ local staff only & employ local contractors
  • Locally sourced deliveries and produce with a sustainable procurement policy
  • Provide local transport services information to our staff and guests
  • Provide cycle hire information along with details of various cycle routes
  • Provide complimentary secure bicycle parking for staff and guests
  • Use local produce where possible
  • Use organic produce where possible

Latest initiatives

  • We have started a program to install digital programmable eco heating in our bedrooms which will reduce consumption by heating each room on an “as required” basis
  • Energy saving lighting, dimmers and motion detectors are in place
  • Heat pump heat recovery dishwasher
  • Retro fit of more LED lighting

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